About us

Established in 2016, HY LED Lighting is a young and dynamic LED company that focuses on R&D and manufacture of inspiring LED lights dedicated to commercial and industrial markets.

Not only producing high quality LED lights, HY also of fers a wide range of flexible and

quick responsive technical support to our customers guaranteeing maximum optimizing lighting solution used. Backed by a team full of expertise and teamwork spirit, HY aims to be your reliable business partner with cutting-edge LED lights and highest level of customer service.


At HY, we as always are committed to your satisfaction and mutual benefit by offering

quick–responsive technical and customer service.



Contact: Amanda

Phone: 0086-15899755995

Tel: 0086-15899755995

Email: amanda@hy-ledlight.com

Add: NO.27 Lane 7 Hong Xing Street, Chen Jiang Town, Huizhou,Guangdong, China